Community day 2011 demo’s: Windows Phone 7 mango update session

I just finished my session about the Windows Phone 7 mango update at Community Day in Mechelen.  During this session, I have shown some demo’s about new features in the mango update concerning the tools (emulator), Silverlight 4 and a couple of new tools in the development framework like reminders, choosers, XNA integration and SQL CE.

You can download the demo’s here.


BESUG event: Windows Phone 7 development

Last night, there was a user group event about Windows Phone 7 development with Silverlight.  We builded an application using the iRail api. The application gives an overview of the train schedule in Belgium and shows serveral concepts of the Windows Phone 7 like push notifications, navigation, application bar and bing maps.

 The slides and demo can be downloaded here