Happy Pi day !!!!

Today is March 14 ( 3/14 ), a day that is more or less equal to pi.
To “celebrate” this day, some colleagues and I developed a small silverlight 1.0 game called Pi op H ( referring to PIH the school where I’m working ).

The game is pretty easy, there are 3 orange circles on the left and three green circles on the rigt, with the pi sign in the middle.  You can move the circles in the H and must put all the orange circles to the right and all the green ones to the left, with the pi sign still in the middle.

pi op h 

If you can do this really fast, you might win something nice.  So don’t hesitate to it check out at http://www.pioph.be/default.aspx
The contest runs till the first of may.  After the contest, I will post the complete source code for the game.