ReMix 2009

What’s it all about?
ReMix brings the best of MIX09 in Las Vegas to Belgium: it bring us international speakers presenting on the best of MIX09, as well as local cases, with a story focus on User Experience (UX). Since last year’s first MIX event in Belgium there have been enormous advances in the web and RIA space at Microsoft. This is your chance to get a closer look at the new stuff as well as deepen your current skills.
Did you hear about UX@Vitra in June this year? This event will bring what you asked for: more in-depth sessions focused around RIA and web design and development.

At REMIX09 you can:

  • Learn about what Microsoft is bringing in terms of new user experience and technologies for building rich web applications and web sites.
  • Attend sessions on Expression Blend, SketchFlow, Silverlight, Surface, User Experience and Natural User Interface.
  • Attend technical sessions on Silverlight 3, building RIAs and ASP.NET.

Who should attend?
REMIX draws together web developers, creatives, information architects, visual designers, UX professionals, and digital marketers who all SHARE AN INTEREST ON WHAT IS COMING NEXT ON THE WEB.



Printing in Silverlight 3.0 using WritableBitmap

It is possible to print reports or other things in Silverlight when you use the new features of the Silverlight 3.0.  The feature you need is called WritableBitmapGill Cleeren wrote a nice sample about how to print in Silverlight 3.0.  You can read and test it on his blog.  You can also do other nice stuff with a WritableBitmap like creating your own flashy bitmaps.  René Schulte has a good blogpost about creating effects and doing a performance test.

I also created an application to take screen shots using the WritableBitmap class.  I showed this demo on the Community Day 2009 and you can download it here.

My new Silverlight 3.0 user control: rotating menu

I’ve just finished a Silverlight 3.0 user control which is a menu.  The concept is very simple:
Several items are rotating in a circle.  The items are buttons by default, but you can change the ControlTemplate and use an image, mediaelement, rectangle,… as an item.  When you click an item, they will stop rotating and be placed in one line.  If you click an item again, they go back to their previous status. 

screenshot rotating menu

The control has 2 public properties:

  1. Radius: sets the radius of the circle.  How bigger the radius, the bigger your circle
  2. MenuItems: this property asks for a collection of MenuItems.  These MenuItems are just buttons with some extra properties.  If you change the ControlTemplate of the MenuItem control, you can use anything as a menu item.

You can download this control and the source code from the Expression Gallery.  Feedback to improve this control is welcome or let me know if you did some improvements.