Are you a web developer, web designer/integrator, project manager, account manager or own a web agency? Well, we have an event for you.
In June, in four different locations you’ll get served a ‘cocktail’ of a unique location, a nice atmosphere, cool demo’s, loads of useful information, food and drinks for people involved into web design and development.

The unique locations are the Vitra showrooms. If you don’t know Vitra, check out their site and get an idea on the type of furniture they offer.

Several people from Microsoft will be there to meet you, show you demos around the MS web and UX technologies, talk to you and answer your questions.

It’s also a great chance to mingle amongst your peers in an informal atmosphere and do some networking.

The dates and places are the following:

  • 2nd of June – Vitra Antwerp
  • 4th of June – Vitra Diegem (close to Brussels)
  • 10th of June – Vitra Gent
  • 11th of June – Vitra Liège

Check out the site for a few more details (it’s worth it), and register in Dutch or French:

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One Response to “UX@Vitra”

  1. Dimitri Says:

    Too bad the Gent session is sold out as well…

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