Are you a web developer, web designer/integrator, project manager, account manager or own a web agency? Well, we have an event for you.
In June, in four different locations you’ll get served a ‘cocktail’ of a unique location, a nice atmosphere, cool demo’s, loads of useful information, food and drinks for people involved into web design and development.

The unique locations are the Vitra showrooms. If you don’t know Vitra, check out their site and get an idea on the type of furniture they offer.

Several people from Microsoft will be there to meet you, show you demos around the MS web and UX technologies, talk to you and answer your questions.

It’s also a great chance to mingle amongst your peers in an informal atmosphere and do some networking.

The dates and places are the following:

  • 2nd of June – Vitra Antwerp
  • 4th of June – Vitra Diegem (close to Brussels)
  • 10th of June – Vitra Gent
  • 11th of June – Vitra Liège

Check out the site for a few more details (it’s worth it), and register in Dutch or French:

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New tutorial: a Silverlight 3 Flickr gallery

I’ve created a user control that shows images from Flickr in a circle.  You can enter a search string and the user control will return the results for this search.  The results are shown in textblocks that are positioned in a circle using some basic goniometry.  If the mouse enters a textblock the image is shown in the centre of the circle.  All the images are preloaded after you entered your search string.









I started with creating the user interface with Expression Blend.  This is just a user control with a textbox, progressbar and a button.  In the user control I also have a canvas that contains an image control.

In the second step I used the Flickr webservice.  The code I’ve used to call the Flickr service is from Brad Abrams blog.  When the service is called I make a clipping mask with an ellipse and the image element.

The third step was to create a textblock for each image that was returned from the webservice and position the textblocks in a circle.  To do this I calculated the x and y position from the angle and radius.  For example:  x = Math.cos(angle * position * 0.0174532925 ) * radius.  I need to multiply with 0.0174532925 because the Math.cos method works with radians instead of degrees.  When I create the textblocks I also preload the images.

After all the images are preloaded I show the textblocks and you can scroll through the images by entering a textblock with the mouse.

You can download the complete source code from http://gallery.expression.microsoft.com/FlickrGallery

Multi-Mania 2009: 18th and 19th May in Kortrijk Expo

Multi-Mania is one of the biggest free multimedia events in Belgium.  During this 2-day conference you will be able to see 30+ (inter)national speakers talking about interesting and inspiring topics in following multimedia fields: design, development, audio, video, 3D, game development,…

There are also two interesting Silverlight sessions at Multi-Mania:

Silverlight 3.0 in all his glory: 
In this session, Gill Cleeren, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP ASP.NET, will take you on a tour of the new features in Silverlight 3 including a dive into some of the new experience oriented features like pixel shaders, perspective 3D, animation enhancements, bitmap APIs and improvements to the media stack. We’ll also look at the new Silverlight base framework additions including updates to the style model, data binding improvements, improved resource handling and improvements to the web services stack. This session will also introduce the Silverlight 3 out of browser model.  Finally, we’ll take a look at Expression Blend 3 and its designer-oriented features including SketchFlow.

Microsoft Expression Blend 3: From design to: ( by Laurent Bugnion )
When designers envision beautiful applications, and pass the comps to developers for realization, the result is often not really up to their expectations.  Expression Blend stands between the designer and the developer, and facilitates the workflow.  It is not “just” a design tool, it is a visual development environment!  In this session, we will show you new features in Expression Blend 3 such as the “interactive sketching tool”.  SketchFlow and more.

Be sure to take al ook at the Multi-Mania website and subscribe for this event!