Besug Event: How to integrate Silverlight in Sharepoint

Besug organises a new session in May.  The objective of this session is to focus on the advantages of using Silverlight in Sharepoint and build a real-life application in 2 hours.

 The session will be presented by Karine Bosch.  She started her career as a Sharepoint Developer with the release of Sharepoint 2003 and developed her CAML Query Builder (a tool that allows to create dynamic CAML queries using a Windows user interface).  After the release of Sharepoint 2007 beta, Karine participated in a couple of projects for Microsoft Redmond.  One of the projects was the Silverlight Blueprint for Sharepoint.  This project contains some samples on how you can integrate Silverlight with Sharepoint.  At this moment, Karine works as a freelancer for the Ted Pattisson Group (USA) and Andrew Connell.

 The session will take place on the 14th of May at the Microsoft buildings in Zaventem and is totally free of charge.  The sessions start at 19u and ends at 21u.  Places are limited, so be sure to register at


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