BESUG event: hands-on workshop + New Year’s drink

On January 15th, BESUG organizes his second event.  This time it will be a hands-on workshop with a New Year’s drink afterwards.

In this workshop, we will build a small Silverlight 2.0 application that shows some nice stuff you can do with Silverlight 2.0 and give some tips & tricks.  You don’t have to be a Silverlight geek for this workshop, but an understanding of C# and XAML is recommended.

This event is totally free of charge and is organized with the cooperation of Multimediacollege and Plugmedia.
Visit to register for this event.


Silverlight typewriter

You can create some nice text animations with Silverlight 2.0 and with very simple code.  I’ve created a simple typewriter simulator that displays the text character by character.

First, I’ve created a storyboard width a duration of 0.2 seconds and listen to the completed event.  The only other thing that I got in XAML is a <Textblock> element.

In my C# code, I save the text in a variable, clear the textblock and starts the storyboard.  Every time the storyboard is executed, I add a character from the variable to the textblock and starts the storyboard again.

This is a pretty simple example, but you can do very nice stuff with text when using a storyboard as a timer.  Click here to download the sample code.