A Silverlight memory board: Part 1

In this tutorial you create a memory board that has several notes.  The first part shows you how to create a new Silverlight 2.0 project and how you can design your user interface using css, xaml and Expression Blend.
The pdf and source code can be downloaded from here:

The second part of the tutorial will be online soon and show how to implement drag & drop, using the isolated storage, working with animations,…


2 Responses to “A Silverlight memory board: Part 1”

  1. aquaseal Says:

    Great to see new tutorials finally! I was following your old blog and you do an excellent job on these tutorials. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for silverlight 2!

    The pdf file has 2 trailing backslashes ‘//’ and breaks the link.

  2. silverlighttwo Says:

    Thanks for the feedback!!
    The problem with the trailing backslashes is solved now.

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